Monday, March 28, 2011

Less Dishes When You Bake!

from: Christi Jardine- Stake Provident Living Leader

You know..."necessity is the mother of invention." I am always looking for ways to use fewer dishes and make cleanup faster. I have done this for years and it works great. I also have taught my children to do this so they do not make so many dishes when they make cookies or brownies.
  • When making cookies or other baked goods, after you cream the butter, sugar and add the eggs and vanilla; add the salt, baking powder or soda to the creamed mixture. Mix thoroughly and then add the flour and mix well. 

This eliminates using an extra bowl to mix the flour and salt and baking soda, etc. The purpose for mixing those ingredients with the flour is to distribute them evenly through the dough so you don't get a bite of salt, etc. in one cookie or brownie. It works great and accomplishes the same result with less dishes! Isn't that a great idea!