Friday, May 3, 2013

Family Home Evening Idea

Family Home Evening is a great time to work on "Faith in God", "Duty to God" or "Personal Progress". There are several ways to do this. Try any of the following that might work for your family:

  • Have each child read over and decide on the specific goals they want to work on, while parents move from child to child to counsel, give suggestions and sign off goals the children have already completed.
  • Have each child complete one of the goals he/she is working on for any of the above programs during FHE such as: lead the singing, give a specific lesson, share a story or testimony. After  he/she completes the value experience, etc. make sure to sign them off.
  • After the FHE lesson, take time during refreshments for each parent to work one on one with a child to just review where they are at and sign off the things they have completed. 
  • Establish a week of the month such as the 1st Monday, etc. that is "Faith in God", "Duty to God", and "Personal Progress" FHE. Always do something for FHE from these programs.
  • If one of the goals the child/children is working on is something they need instruction on from a parent, prepare a FHE lesson on laundry, cooking, leading music, money management, etc. Make sure to include all the requirements needed for "Duty to God", etc. in the lesson material. These can be fun hands on lessons that give a change of pace from regular FHE lessons. 
  • Don't get discouraged! If it has been awhile and you have forgotten to work on these great programs just get back to it! Have fun teaching and learning new things with your great kids!