Saturday, June 25, 2011

Water Storage

  • Plastic juice or soda bottles can be used to store water.  Used containers should be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed.  Then they can be filled with water from a municipal water supply without any other treatment.
  • If the water is not pure use 8 drops (1/2 tsp.) of household bleach per gallon if water is clear.  Add 16 drops (1 tsp.) per gallon, if water is cloudy.
  • Water can also be boiled for 3-5 min. Make sure to cover with a lid to prevent evaporation.
  • Water can go flat when stored. It can be aerated by pouring between two containers.
  • There are many water filters on the market. The charcoal type filters can also remove bad tastes. Water can be filtered through these to purify.
  • Protect water storage from light and heat. Algae can grow if water is stored in light.
  • Store in areas where leakage will not cause damage to the home.
Information from:   Be Prepared: A Provident Living Resource, Christine Van Wagenen and Claudia Erekson, 2007.