Thursday, September 1, 2011

Growing Berries

Fall is a great time to plant berries. Plant them in September so they can get a solid root structure before the cold sets in for the winter. 
  • Berries grow easily in Utah and are very cost and time effective for the home garden. With just a few plants they will supply your family with a year’s worth of produce
  • Berries love sun. So plant them in a partially sunny to sunny location. (But with that said I have raspberries that grow under my apple tree, but they just do not produce abundantly.
  • Berries grow well in out of the way spots, not used for other backyard activities. So try planting some in your side yard or try some strawberries under your rose bushes. 
  • Strawberries make good ground cover.
  • Water berries deeply 2-3 times a week in the spring and early summer before and while bearing.  After they are done bearing watering can be reduced. 
  • Many varieties of raspberries, boysenberries and blackberries bare on the new canes or vines so each fall or spring the old canes or vines (which have already born fruit) can be cut off.  
  • Boysenberries grow in long vines (6-10 ft.) so it is good to grow them on a trellis or fence. This keeps them off the ground and makes them easier to pick. 
  • We all love berries and so do the rats, birds, squirrels and snails. This is why strawberries are most effective planted in patches so they can be covered with netting.