Thursday, October 6, 2011

Humanitarian Heroes

by Susan Maughan- Stake Humanitarian Leader
MariAnne Dubois of the 7th Ward has made 150 lined dresses for little girls!  These dresses will be sent to Guatemala and countries in Africa where there is a need.  Marianne heard someone speak who said that when children come to orphanages in Africa they have often lost their hair, and the only way to distinguish girls from boys is by the dresses the girls wear.
MariAnne began this project after hearing the talk last April Conference by Elder Henry Eyring, “Opportunities to Do Good.”  She said she sat in her chair and thought about what she could do to serve.  The result is 150 beautiful dresses in six months by one amazing, loving woman!
Another pair of heroes are the couple along the Cottonwood Creek walking/biking trail who pick up litter as they walk. We could all take a garbage bag and a sharp stick with us as we walk to pick up litter.

Once a month three families get together and make 300 sandwiches for the homeless shelter.  They do it on a Saturday and take all their children with them to serve the lunch