Saturday, November 5, 2011

Be Thankful Every Day

 by Christi Jardine, Stake PL Leaders
Take time to feel and express gratitude for our many blessings. Here is an idea that I used with my achievement day girls a few years ago to help them show gratitude daily. We cut up the individual ideas and placed them in a jar. Then they could pull one out each day and do something to express gratitude. You could also just place the list on your fridge and try to do one each day until Thanksgiving! 

I am thankful for my family!
          -Play a game inside or outside together.
I am thankful for grandparents!
          -Call and tell them you are grateful for them and love them.
I am thankful for my mom!
            -Write her a note or a text, clean the kitchen, make dinner, do some laundry, clean up anywhere!
I am thankful for my Dad!
            -Give him a big hug when he comes home, clean his closet, shine his shoes, etc.
I am thankful for my brothers and sisters!
            -Do something nice for them: make their beds, read a book to, leave a nice note in their room..
I am thankful for prayer!
          -Say a prayer today only saying, “ I thank thee for…”, don’t ask for anything.
I am thankful for friends!
            -Send a text or an email to a friend to say thanks for being a great friend.
I am thankful for my teachers!
            -Write a note to thank a primary, school or music teacher.
I am grateful for all my blessings!
            -Share some of your blessings with others. Clean your room and donate clothes, toys, etc. to D.I.
I am thankful for our car!
            -Clean out the car and then go get a treat!
I am thankful for the scriptures!
            -Memorize your favorite scripture.
I am thankful for neighbors!
            -Do a secret service for your neighbors: rake leaves, pull weeds, shovel snow, etc.
I am thankful for my Heavenly Father!
            -Say a prayer, write in your journal to express your love for him.
I am grateful for my cousins!
            -Call, text, facebook, email or write a note to your favorite cousin!
I am grateful for a healthy body!
            -Put on some music and dance, play ball outside, do some somersaults, etc.
I am thankful for good books!
            -Go to the library and check out some thanksgiving books.
I am thankful for a prophet!
            -Read or listen to a talk by the prophet on the internet or in a magazine.
I am thankful for my home!
            -Clean out a closet or clean an area in your home while you listen to music!