Monday, February 27, 2012

FHE- Organizing Critical Documents

submitted by Michele Higginson, Stake Provident Living Leader

For FHE- Take time to organize your family documents. After a damaging disaster you will need copies of these documents as well as emergency cash. Keep these items together, current and where possible stored in a fire proof safe or safety deposit box. 
  1. Birth certificates- of all family members
  2. Marriage license/child custody papers
  3. Passports
  4. Social Security cards
  5. Military/Veteran's papers
  6. Critical Medical records, info.
  7. Cash- $1.00 bills or other small bills
  8. Certificates for stocks, bonds
  9. Bank Statements
  10. Credit card numbers
  11. List of phone numbers of financial institutions
  12. Insurance policies
  13. Inventory of household possesions
  14. Appraisals of valuables, such as artwork, jewelry, etc.
  15. Backup of critical files on computer
  16. List of names and phone # of family members, business contacts, etc.
  17. Deeds, titles, mortgage info.
  18. Wills and Power of Attorney