Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Case Lot Sales

 Now is a great time to buy grocery staples for your food storage while prices are low. It will enable you to enjoy having a small stock of items that your family uses often without paying higher prices later in the year. This year due to the droughts in the mid-west grocery prices are projected to be high so think ahead and help your budget this winter!

Here are some tips for buying in bulk:

1- Only buy items your family uses often. (A sale is not a sale if you waste or do not use what you buy!)

2- Know everyday prices and buy items only if the case lot price is less than the price you usually pay for the item. (buying in bulk at a higher price is just paying more for more food.)

3- Buy cases that have been stored inside rather than out in the heat of a parking lot sale to preserve food quality.

4-  Rain Checks-  if the store is out of the item you need get a Rain Check to purchase the item when it is back in stock at the sale price. Make sure to get back to the store quickly before your rain check expires or you will have to pay full price.

5- Stay within your budget- if you can't afford it, don't buy it. (If you haven't already, start budgeting a little extra for some food storage in the fall when all the grocery sales are on.) Only spend money on sales that you have budgeted for food storage or use your grocery money for the week to buy at case lot sales.  Beware: If you use all your grocery budget on one or two items at a case lot sale, you may be eating the same thing for a week or two, so think ahead an budget for this time of year!

Here is a link to Harmon's Case Lot Sale for this week. 
It runs from Sept. 3-16, 2012.

*If you love to bake, budget a little money for October and November when the baking sales are on before the holidays. The prices on spices, chocolate chips, pie fillings, and baking supplies are usually the best of the year!