Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pick Pears Green!

It is time to pick pears. Most of the pears that grow in our area are picked around Labor Day.
Pears are picked green and ripen to yellow off the tree. If they are left on the tree until they turn yellow they are usually brown and rotten around the core. 

Make sure to handle pears gently. Do not drop or throw them into a bucket or box or they will bruise and rot.
Place them in shallow boxes and do not stack too many layers on top of each other or the bottom pears will bruise and rot quickly. Cover with a layer of newspaper to help them ripen together if you are going to can them.
Look for delicious ways to use this delicious fruit from tree in our neighborhood or a local farmers market this month.  If you have more than you can use share with a neighbor or friend!