Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Making Cents of Your Finances

Today is the 1st Stake Workshop called, "Making Cents of Your Finances"! It will be taught at the Stake Center at 7 pm. by Drew Quinn- a law judge who has worked with collections and bankruptcy, Bishop Gary Ellis- a CPA who has worked with a credit card servicing company, Pres. Rick Jensen-a CPA and auditor, as well as on many state accounting advisory boards, and Bishop Rick Wagner- a CPA who owns a tax and retirement planning firm. Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn how to reduce the stress in your life by increasing your financial skills and knowlege.

See the side bar to see the list of scheduled dates this great workshop will be taught. If you miss the workshop held in your ward feel free to join with another ward on a date that works for you!

See you there!