Monday, February 21, 2011

Home Emergency Cleaning/Sanitation Kit:

• Store bucket in garage or shed where it will be easily accessible in the event of home damage from any natural disaster or emergency.
• Contains basic cleaning / sanitation supplies and a few emergency items.

(place all items in a 4-5 gallon bucket with a handle and lid)

1 liquid bleach
1 Mr Clean cleaner
1 dishwashing soap
1 powdered cleanser
1 quart-sized spray bottle
20 trash bags
2 scrub brushes
1 long-handled sink brush
2 scrub sponges
1 non-scrub sponge
2 pairs of heavy duty gloves (work gloves)
1 safety goggles
1 bar hand soap
2 cloth cleaning rags
5 dust masks
1 insert (copy of this paper)
1 lid (for the bucket)

*This information came from the Humanitarian Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Other items that could also be added:

Latex Cleaning gloves
Hand & toe warmers
Hand sanitizer
Sanitary supplies
Hygiene supplies
Powdered cleanser
Water filter (.2 micro carbon filter)
Basic first aid supplies
Duct tape