Thursday, February 24, 2011

Humanitarian Service Ideas for Families

  • You know the needs of your ward- perhaps older members who need help with housecleaning or yard work or rides to appointments or the temple.
  • Take your family over for FHE.  Diane Adair and her family had a summer of service.  Every Friday they went to people’s houses and weeded or cleaned or did dishes or windows.
  • For children’s birthday parties, have children bring a book to donate to the Homeless Shelter, or some cans of food to donate to the Food Bank.  Diane Adair had a party for one of her boys, and the guests brought cans of food, then the party went to the food bank, and helped out, and then she took the boys to a park for pizza.
  • Elaine Lloyd feels that kids want to do what adults do, so involve them in your service projects!  For example, she has tied fleece blankets with her grandchildren to donate.
  • One of  Susan Maughan’s favorite family memories  is of a Monday night FHE when their family was doing an outdoor service project on the grounds of the Children’s Center – mostly shoveling dirt.  Their teenage son, David, was standing on top of a huge mound of dirt, holding a shovel and yelling, “This is the Gospel!”
  • One family in our stake used to ask each of their children, at dinner, “Who did you help today? “
  • How about this for a night of family fun?  Volunteer for a few hours at the Bishop’s Storehouse, Bakery, Cannery or the Utah Food Bank.