Sunday, March 27, 2011

Take Time to Serve

Humanitarian Service Ideas For Individuals
from: Susan Maughan- Stake Humanitarian Leader (7th Ward)

  • If you are able to make burp cloths, receiving blankets, or  baby quilts, for the St. Martha’s Baby Project, you can get them cut out and ready to sew, with instructions, from your ward humanitarian leader.  Give her a call, or call Susan Maughan in the 7th Ward.
  • There is always a need for the hats made on the round looms.  Did you know Dorothy Woolley in the 3rd Ward makes 200 hats a year!
  • Or for you knitters, the Humanitarian Center has a need for knit newborn booties, or children’s mittens.
  • Also, when in doubt, warm quilts are always needed by many local organizations.
  • There is a need for stuffed hearts made of fleece.  Cut two hearts of fleece, stuff them, and blanket stitch around the edge.  These can be given to any Children’s Hospital or pediatric care center.
  • There are needs for tutus, wands, journals, memory boxes, lap quilts, Christmas stockings, children’s activity kits, procedure dolls, hygiene kits, school supply kits, and many, many more things. 
 For ideas and instructions call your ward humanitarian leader,  or  consult the web sites listed in the Humanitarian Page on the top of the Home Page of this blog, or call the Stake Humanitarian leader, Susan Maughan in the 7th Ward.