Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Using Powdered Eggs

A great way to save a trip to the grocery store and rotate your food storage is to use powdered eggs. If you have not added powdered eggs to your food storage consider buying one can to store and one to use so you can learn how to cook with powdered eggs. Macey's Grocery Store, Emergency Essentials and many other places carry powdered eggs.

When using powdered eggs follow the instructions on the can, but usually the recipe is:

1 T. of egg powder + 2 T. of water = 1 egg.

Dried powdered eggs come most commonly in whole eggs, egg whites and scrambled eggs. Here are some tips when using whole powdered eggs:
  • When baking add egg powder in with the other dried ingredients and then add the 2 T. of water with the liquid in the recipe. 
  • Try using 1/2 the amount of eggs the recipe calls for and 1/2 powdered eggs.
  • In most recipes you will not be able to notice any difference if you substitute powdered eggs.
  • Keep some powdered whole eggs on hand and you can use them instead of running to the store when you find yourself unexpectedly out of eggs!!!
Give them a try! Food storage saves time and money and it is a great insurance against hunger!