Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Longkeeper Tomatoes

by Christi Jardine, Stake Provident Living Leader

This is a picture taken on Sat. April 2, of some "Longkeeper Tomatoes" that I picked from my garden just before I pulled it out last October. We have enjoyed them all winter. These are the last ones left and would not have lasted much longer, so we enjoyed them in a pot of chili after General Conference! 

If you want to try something new, try "Longkeepers" or another variety of tomatoes that will store over the winter. This is the first year I have tried them and they worked out great!

They were picked green and when they were ripe, they look like an heirloom tomato on the outside with variegated yellow and red skins. (Maybe they would have turned red if I would have wrapped them in paper to ripen. I will try that this year.) But when you cut them open they are just like a nice red tomato. I only had two plants and they kept us in tomatoes all winter! 
When you plant your garden give these a try!

*Thanks to Barbara Barrett in the 8th Ward for giving me a plant to try in my garden! 
Don't we just love the many, varied blessings that come from Visiting Teaching!