Sunday, January 29, 2012

Emergency Preparedness Family Home Evenings

In the next few months our stake will be focusing on Emergency Preparedness the following requirements can be completed with your children as you work on these Family Home Evenings.

Primary Children:
  • Faith in God- Developing Talents, or Serving others
“Plan and complete your own activity that will help you develop your talents .”
 “Plan and complete your own activity to serve others.”

  • Cub Scouts
Wolf- Achievement #s: 3c, 4a-d, 9a-e, 12a-k, and Elective 16 all, 23b&c
Bear- Achievement #s: 11a-g, 12b,
Webelos- Family Member Requirment # 5, 6,  Readyman Requirements- all

Young Women:
  • Personal Progress, Knowledge value experience #7
“At Young Women camp you learn skills in first aid, safety, sanitation, and survival. Review these teachings in your Young Women Camp Manual and note in your journal how you could apply them in your home to keep your family safe. Develop a list of basic supplies your family will need in case of an emergency. Teach a family home evening lesson or share with a Young Women leader what you have learned and what additional skills you would like to learn to be prepared for emergencies.”

Young Men:
  • 1st Class Scout, Requirement 8c
Emergency Preparedness merit badge