Sunday, January 29, 2012

FHE- Teaching Financial Management

Use any of the posts and links published in this blog under Financial Management  to teach principles of budgeting.  Set up a method that works for your family and the individuals in your family, to encourage the principles of paying tithing and saving for the future.
Complete any of the following activities for the appropriate ages of your children:

Primary Age Children:

Faith in God,"Developing Talents," 1st activity on pg. 10:
  • Learn how to budget and save money. Discuss why it is important to faithfully pay our tithing and how Heavenly Father blesses us when we do (see 3 Nephi 24:10–11). Pay your tithing and begin saving for an education.
Young Women:

Personal Progress, Knowlege Value Experience #2
  • "In your journal list talents you have and others you would like to develop. Read Matthew 25:14–30. Learn a new skill or talent that will help you care for your own future family or home (for example, playing the piano, singing, budgeting, time management, cooking, sewing, or child care). Share with your family, class, or Young Women leader what you have learned"

Young Men:

Boy Scouts of America: Personal Management Merit Badge.Here is the link to the requirements: