Friday, February 28, 2014

Olympus Stake Women's Conference

Thanks to Lexie and Lindsay Kite for making our Stake Women's Conference such a Beautiful experience! See their website:

A big thanks also to Cathy Stringham and Pres. Buie for their inspired message about our individual worth as women and daughters of God! The recipes for the tasty refreshments will be forth coming! Stay tuned!

Strengthening Affection in Marriage

Take a few minutes to watch these great clips about strengthening your marriage!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Get "FIT for the Kingdom"- Saturday, SEPT. 28, 2013

Take some time out for yourself and get "FIT for the Kingdom"! All Women & YW 12 & older
8 am.-  5K- RUN, WALK or STROLL 
8 am. - 10 am. HEALTH AND FITNESS FAIR - There will be something for everyone! Over 20 vendors including: the Heart Assoc., Nami Utah, March of Dimes, Holladay Senior Center, Dash Fitness, and SL Co. Recreation.
9 am. -10 am. FITNESS MASHUP- including Zumba, Kickboxing, & Yoga (every song will be a different type of workout. Come for 10 min. or for a whole hour!)
9 am. - 10 am. GENTLE WORKOUT- Fitness workout for those with physical limitaions.
5:00 pm. LIGHT DINNER AND GENERAL WOMEN’S CONFERENCE - Women 18 & older     
Come and join us to strengthen our sisterhood!

New SIS Site!

Due to an overload of data on the Sisters in Scriptures blog we are starting a new site to enable you to listen to the SIS classes. Here is a link to the new site:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Days of 47 Float Preview Party- FHE Idea

Come See Our Stake Float Before the Parade!
A BIG THANKS! to all of the members of the Stake who have spent so many hours working on our beautiful float.
Dates: July 22-23
Place: South Towne Expo Center, Sandy, UT
Time: 11 am. - 9 pm.

For More information on Days of '47 activities go to:

Friday, July 19, 2013

Free P90X Classes

Come and get more "FIT for the Kingdom"! Join the Men & Women in our Stake over the age of 18 for Free P0X workouts.
They will be at the Stake Center:
July 22nd -July 27 from 1-2 pm.
July 29th -Aug. 3rd from 1-2 pm.
Plan on arriving 15 minutes early with water bottles, exercise shoes and clothing, a good attitude, and a willingness to work hard.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to Build a Strong & Satisfying Marriage

The following points and quotes are from “Marriage: Watch & Learn,” by Elder L. Whitney Clayton, April 2013 General Conference.
1-   The best marriage partners regard their marriage as priceless.

“I have observed that in the happiest marriages both the husband and wife consider their relationship to be a pearl beyond price, a treasure of infinite worth.”

2-   Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation of happy eternal marriages.

“Strengthening faith strengthens marriage. Faith grows as we keep the commandments, and so do the harmony and joy in marriage.”

3-   Repentence & humility build happy marriages.

“Spouses who regularly conduct honest self-examination and promptly take needed steps to repent and improve experience a healing balm in their marriages.”

4-   Terrific marriages are completely respectful, transparent and loyal.

“…husbands and wives work side by side in doing the most important work there is—the work we do in our own homes.”

5-   Successful couples love each other with complete devotion.

“The happiest marriages I have seen radiate obedience to one of the happiest commandments—that we ‘live together in love.’”